Grizzly is comprised of a climate-conscious team of creatives whose jobs go beyond the commercial projects that we love. Film-making is an immensely powerful tool that can educate millions, change perspectives and draw attention to local and global issues. Since our very first year in business, we have used this tool to help organisations that are creating a better world for the current and future generations.


For every full video or animation project, Grizzly fund the planting of trees in regions devastated by wildfires such as California and Australia through the environmental charity One Tree Planted. Up to 50 trees may be planted for one single project allowing our clients to join us on our tree-planting journey.

To find our more, visit OneTreePlanted.org



We have launched a new charity which raises awareness and support for local and global wildlife issues.

By working with us, you are helping to support our new project, where we hope to highlight and support important ecological and conservation projects within the UK.

We aim to create a platform, whilst simultaneously growing an active and likeminded audience to help support these amazing projects.